Atwater's Mail Order Pantry

You don’t have to be in Baltimore to try our handcrafted food. Now, you can enjoy Atwater’s anywhere in the US with our online store! Our bread, jam, pastries, cheese, and more make for great gifts any time of the year!

Please allow up to one week for processing. We bake in small batches by hand. Orders will ship after processing is complete.


We do not use preservatives or stabilizers in our recipes.  Our bread is best enjoyed within 2-4 days.  For this reason, we do not recommend shipping breads outside the Mid-Atlantic region.

Please allow 4-7 business day for order processing. Orders will ship once processing is complete.

Locally Sourced

We are committed to supporting our community of farmers and producers. All of our bread is made with flour from Small Valley Milling in Pennsylvania and all of our jams use fruit harvested at their peak freshness from local farms in Pennsylvania and Maryland.

Featured product

Cherry Chocolate Granola

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Our Cherry Chocolate granola bars are made with organic rolled oats, dried cherries, chocolate chips, and almonds, along with pumpkin, sesame, and sunflower seeds. Then we add a touch of sweetness with maple rice nectar. Enjoy our granola bars when you’re in a hurry or for an afternoon pick-me-up!

2 bars per package

What is "Traditional Food"?

Our mission is to provide traditional and healthy food to the communities we are rooted in. Preparing food in the traditional way is to respect the ingredients and the time we put into everything we make. We believe that good things take time, the proof is in the bite.

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In the neighborhood? Join us for breakfast, lunch & dinner! We specialize in soup, sandwiches, salad, cheese, coffee, Scottish pies, jam, pastries and more! We recommend you try our famous chicken'll definitely be back for more!

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